Pink Drink

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A soft pink-to-white fade makes for a fresh throwback. 

Semicured Nail Gellies are a new gel nail technology that you won't find anywhere else! Get a DIY gel manicure that looks and feels like you just stepped out of the salon. Soft, flexible, easy to wear and made to last! Apply, cure, and go!

Gellies can be worn alone, or with gel top coat to extend their shine and durability.

  • Easy to apply
  • Lasts 2+ weeks
  • 5 minute, acetone-free removal
  • Customizable designs
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    Store Bought Nail Wraps Nail Polish
    Max Wear 2 Weeks 3 Days 7 Days
    No Dry Time
    Easily Soaks Off
    Salon Gel Quality
    Cures Under UV Light
    Low Smell
    Adds Nail Strength

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