Nail Arts by Marina Adele

Sizing Kit for full cover press-on nails

Sizing Kit for full cover press-on nails
Nail Arts by Marina Adele

Sizing Kit for full cover press-on nails

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Got flat nails and having trouble getting nails that fit or keeping them on? I will guide you through sizing properly so that we can achieve the best, most customized fit for you.

Instead of spending time measuring, have me send you a sizing kit. I put the price of the kit towards your purchase. You keep the tips which makes sizing in the future easier.

Specify the shape and length you desire and let me set you up for gorgeous, perfectly fitted nails. True square not shown but I can customize!


What comes in the sizing kit?

One of each size of each shape/length you order. These are yours to keep. If you order multiple shapes & lengths they'll be shipped together.

Most shapes can be shortened, I will require amount to shorten in millimeters, and there is a limit to how much they can be shortened before the shape changes.

The squovals can be squared for a more distinct square shape if desired.

The Long Almond can be 'sharpened' into a more pointy stiletto.

If you don't see what you're looking for, ask! I will do my best to accommodate.


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Priority & international shipping available upon request at additional charge.



Obsessed with press-ons! They're more affordable and last longer than going to the salon, but yet the quality is just as good!

Florence K.

I love switching out my nails every week or so, and press-ons give me that flexibility. Sometimes I even switch it out every other day. 

Jitsu M.

Super cute, and love that there's artists from all over the world. Feels like I'm getting to try and see a lot of different styles all in one place. Fast shipping too!

Kelly W.
QTPOC + Women Owned
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