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Manila Girl Nails

Moonstone Blue Press on nails

Moonstone Blue Press on nails
Manila Girl Nails

Moonstone Blue Press on nails

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Glossy Red False nails with rhinestone design. 

All sets include: prep kits (instruction card, nail glue, nail file, buffer, cuticle pusher, and adhesive stickers).

Extra Small: Thumb- 3 (14 mm), Index-6 (11 mm), Middle-5 (12 mm), Ring-7 (10 mm), Pinky-9 (8 mm)
Small: Thumb- 2 (15 mm), Index- 5 (12 mm), Middle- 4 (13 mm), Ring-6(11mm), Pinky-9 (6 mm)
Medium: Thumb-1⠀(16 mm), Index- 5⠀(12 mm), Middle- 4⠀(13 mm), Ring- 6(11mm), Pinky- 8 (9mm)
Large: Thumb- 0 (18 mm), Index- 5⠀(12 mm), Middle- 4 (13 mm), Ring- 5(12mm),Pinky- 8 (9 mm)




Obsessed with press-ons! They're more affordable and last longer than going to the salon, but yet the quality is just as good!

Florence K.

I love switching out my nails every week or so, and press-ons give me that flexibility. Sometimes I even switch it out every other day. 

Jitsu M.

Super cute, and love that there's artists from all over the world. Feels like I'm getting to try and see a lot of different styles all in one place. Fast shipping too!

Kelly W.
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