Holo Glaze Gel Top Coat

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Tiny specks of holographic shine let you carry a rainbow anywhere you go.  Use over cured Gellies and under stickers.
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Store Bought Nail Wraps Nail Polish
Max Wear 2 Weeks 3 Days 7 Days
No Dry Time
Easily Soaks Off
Salon Gel Quality
Cures Under UV Light
Low Smell
Adds Nail Strength

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Customer Reviews

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Tracy Bell
I love everything!

These gellies are so nice! Easily stretchable which makes application a breeze! Don’t over-stretch though, just use the size closest to your natural nail and then stretch slightly after it’s stuck on! The nail decal stickers are wonderful too, I now want them all! So beautiful and I love the customization you get with them. And then the holo top coat… omg! It works great and is so pretty! I suggest applying a coat by dabbing on with a sponge to get maximum sparkles (then follow up with a 2nd coat to smooth out the texture)! I’ve had my set on for a week and they’ve held up great! No chipping, hair snags, or bending! I can confidently recommend everything!

Sadie Frady

I love rainbows and therefore love holo! It adds the perfect amount of shine and sparkle and color to any manicure. So happy I got this and can add it to all of my nails in an easy to use gel form.