Blueberry Pie Gellies

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Shades of blue as decadent as blueberry pie.

Semicured Nail Gellies are a new gel nail technology that you won't find anywhere else! Get a DIY gel manicure that's soft, flexible, easy to wear and made to last! Apply, cure, and go!

  • Easy to apply
  • Flexes to all nail sizes
  • Lasts 2+ weeks
  • 5 minute, acetone-free removal

Each pack comes with 20 semicured gel nails. Gellies can be worn alone, or with gel top coat to extend their shine and durability.

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      collect em' all :P

      Customer Reviews

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      Gina Decker
      I have up liquid gel for this!

      I've had my nails done religiously for 14 years. I started at the salon with liquid gel (I'm talking full build with forms - they look like acrylic) after about 10 years I started doing them myself at home. I am super picky - for that 10 years only one person did my nails.

      I was introduced to gellies while visiting a friend. I used hers once on a few fingers and I was hooked. And that says something big!

      The only downfall I've found is that after about a week mine tend to lift in the backs and my hair gets underneath when I'm pulling it up in a pony or washing it. HOWEVER I have oily nail beds and the fact that they even last that long makes up for it.

      Katy Bedjeti
      Love these!

      Totally foolproof application, and love the color gradient. These were my first gellies and I'm hooked.

      Sadie Frady
      Perfect Blue Gradient

      Loved this set of blue gradient nail gellies! Such a great set of blues and went on so easily and lasted a long time.

      Vanessa W
      Simple sophisticated blues

      This is the first set of Gellies I applied (and the first set of semicured gel strips I applied) and I was amazed how easy application went! Also love the very subtle iridescence once cured.