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Matte Blue Skull Apres Press on Nails

Matte Blue Skull Apres Press on Nails

Matte Blue Skull Apres Press on Nails

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Are you wanting to change up your normal look?


This is a good way to change your nails around to match your outfit! You can reuse them or wear them a few days at a time! If you use a good glue, you can even get more wear out of these nails.


Or maybe you need to let your nails breathe from wearing artificial nails for too long and now they are damaged or spoon shaped. This is a nice way to cover up those nails!


These are encapsulated nails, they'll be a bit thicker than normal, but I do my best in shaping them! 


Please Read:


This is a handmade item, yes, I am human not a machine, so each one will be unique!


Please make sure you have your correct nail size before ordering as there are no returns!


If you have any questions please send me a message! I am more than happy to answer any questions you may have. 



What Comes with Your Purchase:


Nail File

Nail Buffer

Cuticle Pusher

Cala Super Nail Glue

Temporary Nail Adhesive Tabs

10 Custom Made Apres Nails


About Apres Full Cover Nail Tips:


Did you know 70% of people have flat nail beds? That's why the "natural" full tip will work for you, while the other 30% of people have rounded nail bed. For those rounded nail bed people, "Sculpted" would work best for you.



Obsessed with press-ons! They're more affordable and last longer than going to the salon, but yet the quality is just as good!

Florence K.

I love switching out my nails every week or so, and press-ons give me that flexibility. Sometimes I even switch it out every other day. 

Jitsu M.

Super cute, and love that there's artists from all over the world. Feels like I'm getting to try and see a lot of different styles all in one place. Fast shipping too!

Kelly W.
Women Owned
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