Frequently Asked Questions

Nail Gellies is a completely new type of gel nails. It's a semi-cured UV gel manicure that are just like the gel nails you would get at the nail salon but for a third of the cost. Made of real liquid gel, our gellies comes partially or 60% cured, and hardens and cures to 100% under a UV lamp like salon quality gel nails. There's no dry time, and it's designed to flex to all nail shapes and sizes. 
Nail wraps are typically made with polish or non-curable gel. Ours are made with real liquid gel, and comes partially or 60% cured. They cure and harden under a UV light like salon quality gel nails, and lasts about a week longer than other nail stickers and nail wrap products.
It's a far less damaging and healthier alternative to real liquid gel, polish, and dips. You can feel safe wearing it regularly. Please note that  Nail Gellies contain the same ingredients as gel polish and may cause a reaction. While we do not recommend using Gellies if you have an allergy to gel polish, some customers with gel allergies have found that Gellies do not cause a reaction. If you decide to try Gellies, please minimize your skin's contact with the stickers and seek medical attention for signs of a reaction.
1. Prep your nails by scuffing off the shine and wiping it clean with an alcohol prep pad. Nails need to be free of oils and dry prior to wearing the Gellies.
2. Find your size by matching your nails to the correct Gellies size.
3. Stick! Peel off each Gellies and place it onto your nail. Stretch Gellies as needed.
4. Top them off with our glazed top coat for some extra shine (optional, but recommended)
5. Cure under the UV lamp for 60 seconds to make your nail pop! 
6. That's it, you're done! :) Say hello to nice nails.

Removal is quick and easy with any non-acetone nail polish remover. Simply apply a few drops around the cuticle and use the cuticle stick to begin lifting from the side of your Gellies. Reapply remover around edges and continue to gently lift the Gellies up until they're removed.
Each pack comes with 20 Gellies that's good for 2 manicures, and a mini prep kit to help you prep your nails – a file and cuticle pusher. It also comes with a silver sticker than you can use to seal the Gellies back into the black bag!
Store it in the black bag, and use the silver sticker from your kit to seal the Gellies. Make sure you hide the Gellies from light or it can cure under the sunlight and/or your room light overtime.
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