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Pink Drink Gellies

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A soft pink-to-white fade makes for a fresh throwback known as baby boomer.

Semicured Nail Gellies are a new gel nail technology unlike any regular nail wraps. Get a DIY gel manicure that's soft, flexible, easy to wear and made to last! Apply, cure, and go!

  • Easy to apply
  • Flexes to all nail sizes
  • Lasts 2+ weeks
  • 5 minute, acetone-free removal

Each pack comes with 20 semicured gel nails. Gellies can be worn alone, or with gel top coat to extend their shine and durability.

      How It Works:
      Material + Fit:
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      New to Gellies? We got you covered! Each kit comes with step by step guide on how to get the perfect mani.
      The Prep
      Use the cuticle pusher and fresh file to help you prep your nails before application!
      Our kit comes with 20 nail gellies that’s good for 2 manicures!

      style with stickers!

      Store Bought Nail Wraps Nail Polish
      Max Wear 2 Weeks 3 Days 7 Days
      No Dry Time
      Easily Soaks Off
      Salon Gel Quality
      Cures Under UV Light
      Low Smell
      Adds Nail Strength
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      top it off!

      collect ‘em all!

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 10 reviews
      Andrea Mariano
      Pink Drink is a Favorite

      One of my favorites. They’re very easy to apply and they stayed on for 2 weeks. I could have gone longer. They came off without a problem and no nail damage. I’ll definitely buy these again!

      Maria D
      Order not received

      Have not received my order and Pressonshop is unresponsive to my emails.

      1st time pretty great!

      This was my first time trying Presson. The Pink Drink was perfect. I was able to get a full manicure for both myself and my 12 year old daughter out of one set. My daughter's lasted a week (she's a picker) and mine lasted 10 days. After ~3-4 days my hair was getting caught at the cuticle line on a couple of the nails. I tried the acetone "trick" but they still caught. I will be extra cautious about making sure all oils are removed at that area and to not touch that part of the gellies during application next time to see if it stops catching my hair. On day 10, I had one start to peel up at the free nail area so they all came off at that point. I was worried about my splitting nails being weaker but somehow they felt stronger after removal. Shocked! Cannot wait to do our next mani. Still waiting on marshmallow and clear top coat to be back in stock for our next order.

      Lynn Sharp
      Dream mani

      Pure perfection! First time using any gel strips and I’m in love. Easy to fit to the edge of my nails even tho they curve.Builder gel & topcoat make it a salon quality mani! Thank you PRESSONSHOP 💕

      Kristen Devlin
      Two weeks and counting!

      Went on like a dream, really well made and tons of compliments.