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Liquorice Gellies

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Only 5 items in stock!
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Deep black that will have you living in their head rent free.

Semicured Nail Gellies are a new gel nail technology that you won't find anywhere else! Get a DIY gel manicure that's soft, flexible, easy to wear and made to last! Apply, cure, and go!

  • Easy to apply
  • Flexes to all nail sizes
  • Lasts 2+ weeks
  • 5 minute, acetone-free removal

Each pack comes with 20 semicured gel nails. Gellies can be worn alone, or with gel top coat to extend their shine and durability.

      How It Works:
      Material + Fit:
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      New to Gellies? We got you covered! Each kit comes with step by step guide on how to get the perfect mani.
      The Prep
      Use the cuticle pusher and fresh file to help you prep your nails before application!
      Our kit comes with 20 nail gellies that’s good for 2 manicures!

      style with stickers!

      Store Bought Nail Wraps Nail Polish
      Max Wear 2 Weeks 3 Days 7 Days
      No Dry Time
      Easily Soaks Off
      Salon Gel Quality
      Cures Under UV Light
      Low Smell
      Adds Nail Strength
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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 5 reviews

      These are perfect for manicures in shiny, solid black. I'm a huge fan of Gellies. They are SO easy to apply and they cure super hard, so my nails never break! :D

      Laura Staley

      Love these! Gellies are the only way I can get salon quality nails at home and I've tried tons of DIY nail stuff. I love how they stretch to fit my nail, protect it from breaking, and don't damage my nails when removed. Will definitely purchase again!

      Erin Dodd
      Such amazing stretch!

      My main concern was pigment loss with stretching but let me tell you, black is hard to get right, and they couldn’t of gotten it any better. You can stretch this to the size of the Mississippi River (okay maybe not) and not lose any pigment. My strip did not sheer at all. They look beautiful and so easy to use.

      Jenn Rhodes
      Super stretchy, be careful!

      These are thinner then a typical semi-cured gel strip, but they are extremely stretchy, so be careful how far you stretch the edges! Ultimately, I like these and will purchase again (I'm waiting on my next order now). I used a lovely burnishing foil over the top and it was gorgeous!

      Sadie Frady
      Way better than anything else!

      This was my first experience with semi cured gel and I am already in love. It was so easy to apply with a very small learning curve (watch the videos!). They lasted a week before I wanted to change them and in that time there was no chipping or any sort of wear and tear that normal happens with normal polish. I am sure they would have lasted much longer had I been more patient in changing color.