Lemon Drop Gellies

Lemon Drop Gellies

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Only 72 items in stock!
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Snow Gel Top Coat

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Illuminating yellow is a 2021 Pantone color of the year that will instantly update your look.

Semicured Nail Gellies are a new gel nail technology that you won't find anywhere else! Get a DIY gel manicure that's soft, flexible, easy to wear and made to last! Apply, cure, and go!

  • Easy to apply
  • Flexes to all nail sizes
  • Lasts 2+ weeks
  • 5 minute, acetone-free removal

Each pack comes with 20 semicured gel nails. Gellies can be worn alone, or with gel top coat to extend their shine and durability.

    How It Works:
    Material + Fit:
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    New to Gellies? We got you covered! Each kit comes with step by step guide on how to get the perfect mani.
    The Prep
    Use the cuticle pusher and fresh file to help you prep your nails before application!
    Our kit comes with 20 nail gellies that’s good for 2 manicures!

    style with stickers!

    Store Bought Nail Wraps Nail Polish
    Max Wear 2 Weeks 3 Days 7 Days
    No Dry Time
    Easily Soaks Off
    Salon Gel Quality
    Cures Under UV Light
    Low Smell
    Adds Nail Strength
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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 2 reviews

    Loved these so much. Used these as an accent nail. Super cute.

    Sadie Frady

    I am in love with everything yellow and this color was perfect. Just like the other one I have used so far (liquorice) it went on so easily and has already lasted almost a week already with no signs of chipping or anything. I am the sort of person that always ends up having to remove my polish after a few days due to chipping or it just coming off, so this has been an awesome product!