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Over six decades ago, a dentist called Fred Slack broke his fingernail. The broken fingernail worried Dr. Slack. To compensate for the broken nail, he created the first artificial fingernail in history. This temporary nail replacement resembled the actual thing so much that he decided to create a whole business after it. Dr. Slack named his false nail business Patti Nails and has since then been credited as the genius behind artificial nails.  

That’s right! The baby boomers were the very first generation to experience the magic of false nails. However, acrylic press-on nails were quite different back then and have evolved over time. Now, there are a wide variety of super-strong nail options you can choose from.

Modern nail salons like ours offer all kinds of hand-painted false nails. One of our bestsellers is the extra-long stiletto fake nails. These, too, come with a fantastic variety. Some of our bestsellers include the coffin nails, kiss gold finger design, and the ballerina coffin stiletto nail.

But that’s not all-stiletto nail tips have many exciting options, too. There are short stiletto nails, almond stiletto tips, and the glorious extra long stiletto. 

But what exactly is a stiletto nail, and why are they so popular? 

Keep reading to find out!

What Are Stiletto Nails

The “stiletto” refers to a specific type of manicure in which the tip of the nail is either in the shape of a sharp triangle or filed to create a pointed shape. While some people have natural stiletto nails, most opt for artificial acrylic nail extensions to help elongate the nail. This extended section is then filed into a pointed tip. 

Stiletto nails are named after the well-known stiletto heel. Staying true to its name, the stiletto nail resembles the pointy heel of the shoe, making for an incredibly sharp nail style. 

Flaunting these nails comes with a price. It may become severely tricky (or even impossible) to do certain activities, like putting in contact lenses or opening cans of soda. 

However, once glance at these gorgeous nails will remind you why it’s all worth it. Stiletto nails-or rather claws-are the most superior and fierce nail style in the world and, once you don them, will leave you feeling like royalty!

Celebrities Who Wear Extra Long False Nails

Stiletto nails are all the rage amongst celebrities and everyday people alike and for a good reason. These extra-long nails can make anyone feel like a glam queen (with remarkably less effort, may I add) in no time!

Rihanna has an apparent knack for stiletto nails and often shows them off on her social media. The singer is known for her admirable sense of style and always has the best nails in town!

Renowned musician Grimes also loves to wear stiletto nails. When she isn’t busy producing her hit songs, you’re bound to catch sight of her gorgeous glam fantasy talons.

Another celebrity who thoroughly enjoys flaunting longer nails is Kylie Jenner. The young beauty mogul prefers to wear hers in lighter shades, particularly those pertaining to the pastel color scheme, including nude pink and baby blue.

As you can see, stiletto nails are a staple in the world of fashion, music, and film fare. All the significant style icons of our generation wear these wonderful, hand painted, glue on nails. Many admit that their nails make them feel powerful and extremely beautiful. 

How to Wear Stiletto Nails

Stiletto nails come in many tips, sizes, and colors. Popular styles include kiss nails, the everlasting French nail, extra-pointed stiletto nail tips, cow print nails with rhinestones, and even classic wine red shiny nails; there are just so many fantastic options to choose from!

Some people prefer commissioning a professional nail artist to add extensions to their natural nails. These extensions generally do not cover the entire nail but rather start mid-nail and end ahead of your natural tips. 

This process can be a long and winding one. It requires tedious attention from a professional manicurist plus special tools like a manicure stick and UV gel. It will require you to stay put in the same seat for hours until your shape is done. But wait, there’s more!

After the nail shape has been created (for example, a medium stiletto or perhaps square nails), your manicurist will paint over them and add artistic details (if you’ve asked for them). The result-after hours of tedious work-is a set of beautiful nails you can call yours.

But…what if there was a way to skip right past this hassle and gain an all-new pair of stiletto heels just like that? 

Luckily, there is a fantastic and convenient alternative to this long process. Now, if you want to be able to fault some stiletto nails of your own, all you need to do is order yourself a pair of press on nails, apply them with the appropriate nail adhesive, and you’re good to go!

These pre-made salon acrylic nails can be worn anytime and taken off whenever you like. All you need are some adhesive tabs and your luxury press-on nails for you to have your very own glam manicure in no time from the comfort of your home.

Benefits of Wearing Press on Stiletto Nails

1.    Pandemic-Friendly

The most significant concern people have these days is the coronavirus pandemic. In order to keep themselves safe from the virus, most nail enthusiasts are choosing to stay home instead of visiting the salon for their regular manicure. 

People still want to feel pretty, though, just without the added stress of following SOPs and the risk of contracting the virus. As a result, more and more people choose to order pre-made press-on nails and are getting them delivered straight to their doorstep. This process ensures the safety and guarantees convenient beauty, too.


The great thing about press-on nails is that you can apply them anywhere as long as you have a tube of adhesive glue on you.

2.    Cost-Effective

Unlike a regular manicure, press-on nails do not cost a fortune. What’s more, is that they last much longer than the average manicure. You can also reuse these nails. All you need to do is keep a fresh tube of nail glue on you at all times, and you’re good to go! 

By using press-on nails, you end up saving a fortune in the long run. While these nails can sometimes cost a significant amount to buy, it’s important to remember that they are a one-time purchase and can be reused at any time, as you please. 

Long gone are the days of buying fresh bottles of nail lacquer to replace your old ones. Now, all you have to do is buy one set of nails in any color of your choice and use them whenever you want. This can help you save up on nail costs in the long run.

You won’t have to spend extra on maintaining your natural nails, either. Unlike gels and acrylic varnishes, press-on nails do not harm your real nail, so you won’t have to spend much on special nail care products and cosmetic items. 

With press-on nails, the primary maintenance cost includes nail glue and the occasional bottle of nail polish remover. That’s all!

3.    Any Design, Any Time

Have you ever wished you could have Instagram-worthy nails? Well, thanks to our expansive line of glam press-on stiletto nails, you can now choose any design you like and flaunt it like a queen. 

The greatest thing about wearing press-on nails is that you can easily choose your favorite stiletto nail designs and wear them anytime you want without having to go through the painstaking process of painting them each time. 

Also, not all of us are gifted with natural artistic talents, so it’s easier to shop for pre-painted stiletto nails instead of using them as press-ons. That way, you can wear any design you like without worrying about coming up with fresh designs and spending time perfecting your nail painting skills.

4.    Reusable and Strong

Press-on nails are chip-resistant! How great is that?

This means that you can easily reuse these strong nails without worrying about damage. Press-ons do not crack easily and tend to maintain their color for years. They require very little maintenance. If one ever pops off, all you have to do is glue it back on with acrylic nail glue-it’s that simple.

It is also challenging to actually break a whole press-on nail. Unlike your natural nails, which can break or chip quite easily when they’re in the stiletto shape, press-ons are remarkably damage resistant, allowing you to wear them anywhere without worrying about breaking them. And, when you’re done for the night, you can pop these nails right off and store them in a box for safekeeping till you’re in the mood to wear them again.

Thanks to their artificially large diameter, artificial press-on nails are much thicker than your natural nail. This means that they are relatively strong and will not break off easily. 

5.    Safe for Nails

Another benefit of wearing press-on stiletto nails is their relative safety compared to artificial nail extensions, gel nails, or acrylics. Unlike gels and acrylics, press-ons do not leave your natural nail feeling brittle and weak once they’re off. This is because press-ons do not tamper with the natural nail but instead serve as an added layer right above your original one. 

Adhesive glue is much safer than applying gel or an acrylic coat, too. It does not tamper with the natural chemistry of your nail, nor does it damage the natural oils present there. It is also much easier to remove glue from your nail than acrylic or gel coats, making the overall process of wearing press-on nails much safer for your nails. There is a significant reduction in the amount of acetone used for the removal of nail glue than what’s needed for gel or acrylic nail coats. 

Acetone is one of the worst enemies of your nail’s natural oils, so the less you use, the better! Using press-on nails is hence healthier than applying gels or acrylics. It allows you to reduce the use of acetone and leaves your nails with most of its natural moisture intact.

Hand Made Press On Nails vs. Drugstore Press On Nails

There is just something supremely enchanting about wearing hand-on press-on nails that you can’t experience with regular drugstore nails. It’s just not the same. 

Hand-painted nails each have a unique design, as is customary with handmade products. They also tend to be superior in quality compared to drugstore nails, which are more brittle and not chip resistant. Think of it as a comparison between real and costume jewelry-which one would you prefer to deck yourself in? 

If you have an eye for quality and a taste for luxury, you’ll opt for real jewelry over its costume counterpart. The same principle applies to press-on nails. If you want a stunning, high-quality product, you’ll want to go with the hand-painted stiletto nail option. 

Handmade nails are stronger than most of their drugstore press—on manicure counterparts. This is important because natural stiletto nails tend to chip and break easily due to their unnaturally long length.

Hand-painted nails are irreplaceable collectibles. Very few copies of the same design exist, if any at all. This is unlike drug store versions, which are readily available anywhere due to being mass-produced in thousands of units. They just aren't unique, unlike hand-painted press-ons, so don't be surprised if you see another girl with the same drugstore nails as you!

Final Thoughts

The world of artificial nails is full of glitter and gold. But, apart from their superior aesthetic style, press-on nails come with a whole list of excellent benefits that you should keep in mind when wondering whether or not to impulse-buy that next pair of stiletto nails.

Not only do you get to choose a design you adore from a multitude of fresh options, but you also get a product that is long-lasting, chip-resistant, requires very little maintenance, and can be reused anytime, as you wish.

This makes hand-painted false nails, or press-ons, perfect for working women who do not have much time to attend to their nails, as well as mothers who are too busy tending to their kids to give themselves a long, relaxing manicure with carefully designed nails. So, if you’re someone who’s pressed for time, or if you just love having pretty and glam nails, be sure to consider getting yourself a pair of stiletto false nail tips that you can treasure and wear anytime!