How to Put on Press On Nails

Find out how to wear Presson Gellies with confidence! Wanna know the best kept secret about wearing press on nails? It's not the glue!

The real secret to preventing press on Gellies from popping off, is one little 4 letter word: PREP.  

Whether you want your nails to stay on for a few hours, or a few weeks, pep is key. Follow our prep routine below for maximum staying power, regardless of the glue you use. 

Prep routine: 

1. First, gather your supplies

- A coarse grit file (180 is ideal, but the roughest one you can find at the drugstore will work too). 
- Acetone or isopropyl alcohol

2. Wash your hands with an oil-free soap - think dish soap like Dawn, not hand soap.  Dry thoroughly and DO NOT apply lotion or oil. 

3. Use your nail file to scuff the surface of your natural nails.  Don't apply too much pressure, just enough to scuff the shine away and give the glue something to adhere to. 

4. Wipe or brush your nails with rubbing alcohol or acetone to remove any remaining oils or dust.  

Now your nails and your Presson Gellies are ready to be applied!  Next you'll need to decide how long you want to wear your nails.   

Now you're ready to find your dream nails!

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