20+ Coffin Nail Designs – Shop 2021 Nail Ideas

 different types of coffin nails on fingers


Nail art has been through numerous trends for as long as anyone can remember. The latest nail art and treatment technologies have enabled us to make some splendid nail art designs for everyone's fingers. Whether you go for a stiletto nail or a coffin nail design, you'll always find a ton of different designs.

You can get a French manicure for your nail tips or a set of Russian nails to suit you suit your makeup style. Press on acrylics and UV lights give you the full freedom to go for short nails or long nails, natural coffin nails or fake nails. With the new year right around the corner, we've compiled some of the best coffin nail designs to last you the entire year!

1. Ombre Nails

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These nails are a perfect blend of color and hue. You can go for the classic ombre coffin with your nail's natural pink and white colors—these transition from pastel pink near the cuticles to white tip coffin. If you need long coffin acrylics, these are a great option.

Perfect for: Casual wear, parties, offices.

2. Transparent Coffin

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A transparent coffin nail has a transparent tip. The part of the nail that grows from where your fingertips end is a transparent film. These are great for those who want to modify their simple acrylic nails later on. They're a bit unique, so you're pretty likely to get tons of compliments if you go for transparent coffin nails.

Perfect for: Parties.

3. Glow-In-The-Dark Coffin Nails

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Who doesn't love neon claws? Glow-in-the-dark nails are always in fashion. Whichever color you go for will surely bring out your swag nails. People usually prefer yellows and green nails, but you can also choose pink, red, blue, orange, etc. A red nail especially is perfect both day and nightwear

Perfect for: Casual, everyday wear, parties.

4. Animal print

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Animal print coffin nails have an incredible variety. You can find some amazing ones online, or ask someone to customize a print you like. Animal print coffin nails designs give you the liberty to choose the vibes you want your fall nails to have. People usually like something from the cat family. It could be a cat's claw or a tiger's stripes. You can also go for bunny ears or dog paws. Snakeskin is another print that looks absolutely regal.

Perfect for: Formal parties.

5. Nude Nails

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Nude coffin nails are simple yet powerful. A mute nude color is comfortable for those who don't want anything fancy on their hands. However, these fabulous nails are bold in their own way and give you the confidence you need on your big days. You can keep matte coffin nails or go glossy. Either way, a set of nude acrylics is a must-have in your nail collection.

Perfect for: Every occasion!

6. Accent Nails

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Accent acrylic nails with flower patterns are just as dreamy as nail art can get. Picture a stiletto nail with a baby pink base, white French manicure tips, and a flower stamp. Accent nail looks are best for cute acrylic nails coffins and can be customized for any outfit. While some prefer their acrylics to have a simple nail design, others love to rock gold accents and glitter accents, too. You can also go for a mix of these designs if you're feeling more adventurous.

Perfect for: Formal events with a heavy makeover.

7. Marble Nails With Gold Mosaic

Marble coffin nails with gold foiled patterns are a high-end trend that you must get at least once. You can go for a bold marble color that compliments some bits of gold foil. You can go for black or white marbles with one transparent nail on each hand. The transparent one will rock the gold foil, while you can top the others with gold stripes. These gold nails are no joke!

Perfect for: Trendy costume ideas.

8. Holographic Ballerina Nails

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Holographics are another classic that we just can't let go of! These are easy to design but look genuinely exquisite. You can choose a metallic silver shade and pair it with a silver jacket. Another holographic design that's equally popular is a black holograph with green and purple reflection. These are perfect for any shaped nail.

Perfect for: Casual wear and party wear.

9. Nude Gloss With Lace Patterns

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Looking for some wedding inspo? Nude and lace is the way to go! Nude pink with white gradient nails on some fingers, and transparent summer acrylic nails with lace patterns on some. These aren't too fancy, but they're indeed elegant. You can also choose black as an alternative to nude and lace it with white patterns. A nude lace on white nails is another excellent design.

Perfect for: semi-formals and formals.

10. Matte Grey With Rhinestones

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Instagram is filled with big, bold, and insanely trendy rhinestone nails. Not a lot of you may feel comfortable about wearing these, but it's good to get out of your comfort zone every now and then. If you're trying to experiment with a matte nail, mute grey color is the best choice to start with. Get your press-ons painted grey and decorate them with glitter and rhinestones. You can single out one nail on each hand and add a pattern or pink glitter. Voila! Your Insta-ready nails are all set.

Perfect for: Occasional wear.

11. Pastel Swirls

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Pastels are simplistic but trendy nail styles at the same time. Baby blue, light turquoise, baby pink, light pink, baby blue, lilac, and white in a myriad of swirls always looks gorgeous. Pair these up with unicorn stamps or claw print to get a more adventure design!

Perfect for: Casual wear and semi-formals.

12. French Manicure

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For an everyday look, you need something that glams you up in a natural way. French tip coffin nails are an all-time fave for everyone who loves acrylic nails. You can choose long or short grey coffin nails and give them the manicure style. If you need extra bling, try adding some rhinestones!

Perfect for: Everyday use.

13. Polka Dots

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Polka dots and dart-styled patterns are another hit with acrylic lovers. You can add colorful dots on a nude, black, white, or transparent coffin nail. You can also go for two contrasting colors, such as pink nails with white or black dots. You can also get a nail set with nails full of polka dots.

Perfect for: Casual wear or party wear.

14. The Odd One Out

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Give your nails an edgy, trendy look by keeping one nail on each hand different from the rest. You can get your claws painted a bold, matte claret red and contrast it with gold glitter. If you're feeling extra dressy, you can get gold flakes on the other nails as a final touch!

Perfect for: Party wear.

15. Negative Space

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This is one of the coolest contemporary art done on nails. Having coffin nails with negative space in black or white colors is both stylish and cute. These usually consist of a transparent nail with black or white patterns.

Perfect for: Casual and formal wear.

16. Only the Tips

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This one's the exact opposite of long, bold coffin nails. Instead of getting your entire acrylics full of color, you might prefer just the tip filled with nail paint. This way, you can sport bold colors such as dark blue or bright yellow without feeling out of your comfort zone.

Perfect for: Casual and party wear.

17. Character Inspired Nails

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Frozen, Marvel, Barbie, Star Wars, and a dozen other characters are a great way to make your nails pop. You can wear these on bold nails or transparent ones. These are easy art designs, so they don't cost much but are quite fancy for parties.

Perfect for: Casual and party wear.

18. Abstract Art

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Get your acrylic coffin nails painted with shapes and lines for a set that can suit you with any attire. You can get these painted in any category of colors, whether nude or colorful. A great idea might be getting black and transparent triangles with some emerald glitter per nail.

Perfect for: Formals and semi-formals.

19. All Odds

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Need totally different, out of the box, fun nail ideas? Get all your nails painted in different colors. You can get secondary colored talons with red, blue, yellow, green, orange, purple, or pink. Match the fingernails on each hand to get simple but fashionable nail art.

Perfect for: Casual wear.

20. Bold Nails With Piercings

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Heading for festivals? Get a bold red or black and pierce them with gold hoops! These extreme level nails might not be your everyday wear, but they're great for a dolled-up attire once a while. If you’re going for a more goth look, these are ideal.

Perfect for: Formal and festive wear.

21. Multicolored Glitter Nails

Glitter never lets you down. Get your acrylics painted different glitters combo if you don't want plain colors on them. Glitter in any shade looks super chic and is perfect for any occasion. You can try gold, black, silver glitter with some brighter color glitters!

Perfect for: Formals and semi-formals.