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Who said you need to spend hundreds of bucks to get your nails done? Of course, bedazzled nail art is hard to beat—especially the Swarovski crystals, shiny gems, and super long edges. But, you can still be a dashing diva without spending a fortune; if you love yourself a manicure but can't afford the salon that often, it's time to add the press on nails to your list.

There is a reason the magic press is one of the most impactful nail trends. Whether you are in the mood for short or long nails, accentuated gems, or solid color, with a press on manicure kit, you can have it all.

Since you may not know what to expect, we decided to help you rediscover your true self and get in touch with your creativity and fierceness. This is a handy faux nail guide perfect for a beginner. We selected gorgeous cheap static nails you can try, including a couple of tips and tricks to make your own DIY nail design.

How Do Press On Nails Work?

Press on nails often come in full nails kits. You are getting the false nails together with a nail file, nail glue, and cuticle pusher. The fake nail is divided into various sizes. So, you have a pretty good chance of finding that ideal press on that will perfectly match the shape of your natural nail.

If they don’t fit perfectly, that’s what the file is for. You can shape it and work with it anyway you see fit. When you are done with the desired shape, you simply glue the fake nail on the natural nail – it is that simple!

Best Pressons Under 30 Bucks

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When the corner of your fingernails is looking chipped, you are in desperate need of attention. Whenever you look at those rough edges, it makes you want to rip off the nail polish and start all over again. That’s what makes press on nails the “bomb”! No mess, no skill required, and the nail designs come premade.

Technically, you will be spending just a couple of minutes for an at-home manicure with these babies. If you are looking for cheap yet top-quality presson nails to add to your collection, we got you covered. Here are a couple of nail art ideas that will suit your taste.

First stop – pink. Do you remember that vibrant pink vibe from the 80s? Take a look at the Dream Sequins Collection by Space Witch Nails. The sparkly holo and deep hot pink make an absolutely stunning piece. The set comes with a perfect nail shape that wont get in the way. You can do your daily activities, and they will still remain exactly how you bought them. Simply put, the nails look and feel amazing.


When you are feeling fierce, then you need something that will match your personality. Thats exactly where bold colors and a strong sparkle make for an excellent pick. Like with the Emerald Scales, from Glam Ready Nails for example. This full set comes in all kinds of shapes and sizes. They are ready nails you can pair with your elegant red carpet dress. The colors and designs of each nail will complement your look. Thats what makes these false nails a stunning piece.

Stunningly Understated Nails

Then, you have the simple but elegant Mood Set by Kacidilla Nails. These long ballerinas are stunning matte beauties. With the vibrant gray gradient, you are getting excellent quality nail polish for a cheap price. The smaller sizes, particularly the short square nails and medium-short stiletto nail, are made to mimic your natural nails. With artificial nails like these, you are getting an excellent nail set ideal for any occasion.

Of course, the surprises dont end there. Sometimes, we need a presson manicure that looks sweet. Especially that nail art that will go well with a sweet tooth. If thats how you feel, then it is time for the Cotton Candy Vibes by Sadiah Yasmeen. Besides, we can never be too old for some cotton candy. The strawberry pink and raspberry blue are quite the catch. The pastel colors are easy on the eyes, while that little sparkle gives it a nice flare. It comes in different sizes, from short coffin nails to XXL stiletto. There is literally no shortage of choices of what you can get, check these out!

However, if you want something gorgeous with a soft feel to it, then the Timeless fall collection set by Fantasy Nails will do the trick. This light grey color with a hint of lavender makes it look gorgeous. It can match any outfit and is sure to keep the nails looking perfect. Although it doesn't have those fancy crystals or vivid designs, the glossy finish is stunning on its own and will create a perfect classic look.


Cool DIY Nail Art Ideas You Can Use

If you want to do your DIY nail art, then you need the right kind of motivation. Something that will spark a new style and will fit your personality. Thats where looking at other nails designs can help.

The cool thing is, you can come up with absolutely anything. Remember, nothing is too much! Whatever comes to mind, you can make it happen.

For example, you want to make a cool holiday nail. Maybe something for Halloween? Its a fact that Halloween presson gel nails never run out of style. They are simply too fun to miss out on. Take the Spooky Season by Flojo Nails for instance.

You are starting off with a simple base and a couple of figures that will make up the whole piece. Of course, you can crank it up a notch with some sparkles along the way. This design idea is not too simple and not too difficult either. It got its fair share of complexity and just enough detail that makes it pop. Feel free to simplify it if you need it. Just don't overdo it. Sometimes simple can go a long way.


Another cool example would be these exquisite nails. The ghost-theme gives a nice feel to it. Even though it is a little bit tricky to pull off, it's definitely worth the effort. The black and white color works well, while the little red details give it a little bit of funkiness. They are fun and edgy, which is something a lot of people want. For all the creative souls out there, these nails are definitely worth it.


If you are in the mood for something bright and chic, then these Honey nails by Flojo, and are a perfect choice. You can add a bright yellow color on the edges and paint some adorable little decors that will make the whole thing stand out! Plus, you don't have to decorate all the nails. You can only work on two of them and still get the desired results. So, you will be spending less time and still get a stunning look.


Something Luxurious

But, if you want a luxury press on, then darker nail polish colors work best, like the GEOSEA faux nails by Nasty Crylics. The almond nail shape works flawlessly with business attire, and it's ideal for the office. You can experiment with the shape and position of the golden lines to really make it suit your style.


It's one of the simplest options to go with but will still make your nails look well-kept. This particular idea will go well with any outfit you select. So, you are investing time in something that has some amazing versatility. Now, thats what you call convenience!

How Do I Make My Press On Nails Look More Natural?

A lot of people are wondering how they can make their own pressons less fake. They want fake nails that will complement their natural nail shape. Luckily, there is a single sure-fire way to do that, and all it takes is a little nail filing.

Filing the nails helps you create that ideal form that fits perfectly inside the cuticle shape. Your goal should be simple. File the nail so that it wont cover the cuticle. This is basically the bread & butter of turning your falsies into actual beauties.

Unfortunately, this is a step many people tend to skip. Since it takes a little longer than simply gluing the nails, people avoid it. But, instead of popping them on as they are, file them, and then apply glue. It will create that solid difference you've always hoped for. In the end, you will create stunning nails; people will gasp the moment you tell them they are pressons.


Sizing Your Nails

Another trick to making the fake nails look natural is to choose the right size. Select the sizes wisely. Most press ons come in a set of 20/24. So, when you pick the size thats closest to your nail, there is no need to file too much.

The trick to selecting the ideal size is simple pick out a nail thats around half a millimeter smaller than your actual cuticle after it has been filed to match the natural nail shape. If the sides of the fake nail are touching the cuticles, shape them to fit perfectly.

For example, when the nail is unnaturally bigger in width, it will look like you dont have any cuticles. It simply looks fake and overbearing. So, the false nails are glued to your skin and not your natural nail. Thats why the fake nail can lift and get easily snagged.

If you dont want to destroy those lovely nails, then you must file them. Here is how you can do it the right way. Take a look at the Fly Me Away Grabbers, for example.

They fit perfectly with the nails and elongate the fingers. When you file the nail, the cuticles are easy to see, and they complement your nail shape. This is the kind of result you want to achieve.


How To File a Fake Nail Properly?

Now that youve selected the ideal size, its time to match the fake nail with your actual natural nail. The way to do that is with filing. Start by dragging the file slowly across the fake nail edge. Stick to a single direction only. Then, saw back and forth until youve obtained the desired result.

At first, it will feel as if you dont have much control over how the final shape turns out. But, with every filing, you will be able to get more control than you think. Every time you shape the nail, do a quick size check. See if the shape you created matches the natural nail.

The trick to doing a perfect filing is making sure you dont have to push the false nail down to touch the real nail. It should fall in place with ease. If the fake nail is still too curvy, keep filing. It may take a little while longer, but this is a time well spent.

Once the nail is complete, you can repeat the process with the rest of the set. Dont be afraid of a little trial and error. It takes some practice to do it, but you will get the hang of it in no-time.

Tip: Write down the size of your natural nails. This will help you stick with the proper sizing much easier. Just follow the size and shape of the fake nail accordingly. It will definitely come in handy if you are wearing press-on nails regularly.


As you can see, getting extremely affordable press on nails is super easy. There are plenty of options you can choose from that will certainly fit your style. Don't worry; even those under 30 bucks are still worth it. You can get top-quality products at a really low price.

Plus, with all the tips and tricks we listed here, you can take your at-home manicure to a new level. Now you know how to perfect those press-ons and wear your fake nails proudly. They are incredibly easy to work with and a practical option on a busy day. All you have to do is size the nails, file, and glue them on. Thats it! You are ready to enjoy those gorgeous falsies any time of the day.

Which design is your favorite? Have you tried making a DIY press on? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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